Friday, 28 September 2012

Too many books, not enough time!

You know those nights when you toss and turn and you just KNOW sleeping ain't gonna happen?

Amazing how many books you can get through!!

I read three books this week, and they were all, quite frankly, rather awesome.  I shall tell you about them.

- this one was such a random book!  Crazy little concept and it worked well.  Magicians, ghosts and very old lore all mixed in with modern policing.  Funstuff.

- this was naughty!!  My partner laughed at me for being shocked by this and asked what I expected with a title like that.  Maybe.  But still!  

I went to have my hair dyed and cut on Tuesday morning (don't you just love getting your hair washed at the hairdressers?? Best. head massage. ever.) and quite frankly got rather embarassed in case the hairdresser thought badly of me.

- I put off reading this book because of all the hype.  Thought it would be childish and rather twilight-esque.  

T'was actually rather good!  Bit of a page turner!  The size of the book is deceptive as the writing, spacing and margins are huge, it's really quite small.  

As ever, they did have to throw some sort of love-triangle theme in there.  I do want to read the sequel but am apprehensive in case the sequel is all based on the triangle.  hmm.

Just thought I'd share :)

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