Saturday, 9 February 2013

Featured on the KnitSpinCake Podcast

You've had that moment, right?  That one where you've been cooking for... let's see... 6 hours?  You've pulled your masterpiece from the oven - and it isn't ok.  It's all lopsided.  Is that bit cooked?

You reassure yourself that it tastes ok, you can fix it with some clever knifework and plasterer style icing.  Then  you realise you have no icing.  The shop is shut.  Your event is tomorrow (or worse, later tonight).  You cry at the cake.  Menfolk look on in hopeless confusion.

Just wanted to share a lovely wee podcast with you, by KnitSpinCake (Aimee), whose podcast made me laugh out loud at the thought of all my disastrously over-ambitious baking escapades.    I was featured in this weeks episode, as she loves the little felted badger and little felted fox knitted purse patterns :)  (or just pop straight to Ravelry!)

Featured on the KnitSpinCake Podcast

Described as "A podcast for those who love knitting, spinning & cake", it sells itself really!

Really nice to relate to, as I often find the spinning wheel being used as a decoration too, and my recent foray into silk spinning really does make me feel like I'm fighting clouds.

It has made me feel like I want to make more gingerbread men though.  Nom.

There's also a little discount code in there for listeners of the podcast to grab 25% off my patterns on Ravelry.

:) x

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