Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Knit Stitch Markers!

So I've spent the past couple of weeks knitting frantically for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.  There are 3 days left and I'm getting awfully excited :D

Just thought I'd share with you a few sneaky previews of some of the stitch markers I'll have with me on the day!  There are over 50 different kinds of marker, so you're still gonna have to come visit me to see them all :p  Here are some on my display tree!

It'll be 'pick-n-mix' markers, with 5 markers for £4.50 in a pretty little gift bag :)

UPDATE:  the stitch markers are now available in my etsy store!  Do feel free to contact me with your pick 'n' mix!  

Knit Stitch Markers @
Some of the birdie (and owlie!) stitch markers

Knit Stitch Markers @
spinning wheels or knitting needles?  Hmmm...

Knit Stitch Markers @
Crazy about cats?  Or maybe just that lil umbrella in the corner.

Knit Stitch Markers @ Stitch Markers @

Knit Stitch Markers @
colourful baggies!

Knit Stitch Markers @

When I say 'display tree'  I really do mean tree.  I spent weeks hunting in craft shops for some sort of stand which would show off the little markers nicely, and in the end used a large branch from the local park with fairy lights on... eco-friendly y'see.  Good for the environment...

All of the little markers will also be available as earrings!  £2-3 per set.

Aaaaand there are baskets and baskets of purses!!!  And a few colours / animals you've not spotted before hehe.  These'll be going for £15 on the day, each is different.  Or you could knit your own with the pattern on Ravelry!  

Knit Stitch Markers @
Foxes and bears and badgers, oh my!  Purse Basket!

Just had coffee with Sarah (of Porcini & Button) who will also be selling crafty loveliness at the festival on saturday!   We had good chats about tablecloths... lights... baskets... y'know, now that I list it, it doesn't sound at all exciting, but it was! And we could have an awesome tablecloth!! So there...

Will you be at the Yarn Festival this saturday?  What are you gonna be buying?!  Drop by and say hi to us!

Saturday, 16th March:  10.00 – 17.00

36 Dalmeny StreetEdinburgh

Amanda :) xx

p.s.  if you want to reserve any markers/earrings/purses either to pick up at the festival or because you want them but you're not coming!   Or if you have a custom request for purses, just drop me an email here!  

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