Monday, 10 June 2013

Knitting on the Rooftop

What a lovely week!!

It has been slightly marred by the whole 'finals' fiasco, but I'm halfway through & haven't had a breakdown yet, so that has to be good, right?

Regardless, how can you resist sitting in the sunshine when this view is is front of you?

In case you don't know Edinburgh very well, that's the castle there over the chimneys.  They're assembling all the scaffolding around the other side at the moment for the fringe festival later in the summer, so it's the best view, if you ask me :p

We took some deck-chairs, pizza and a music-box.  And the knitting.  Can't really beat it.  

Anyhoo it all had to end sometime (like when we ran out of food), so I managed to get this lovely bundle of fluff plied up ready for being a cardigan!  It's fingering weight 2-ply, mohair/merino/bamboo blend.  nomnomnom.  

Came from the loooovely fondantfibre store  (as per usual).  Though I have asked her for more, 'cause I will be needing 400 extra metres for me cardigan :p

Have you been knitting outside for World-Wide Knit In Public week?  
I find it quite an odd concept, 'cause I already take my knitting everywhere with me, but it is nice to see more people out and about with their yarn!  

I'd lovelovelove to pop up a little gallery of us all knitting this week, so if you wanna join in the awesome bloggy post, please do e-mail me your pictures or post me your links to them in the comments below!!

What are your plans for this week?  

oooo, there are some great new stitch markers in the shop this week too!  


  1. Good luck with the finals, Amanda! Fingers crossed for you,

  2. Ah, I envy you snatching some sunsoaked chillout time- I am much in need of it this week, which has been hectic as anything. Sounds like you found a good way to cope with your finals (good luck with them by the way!)
    I managed a little bit of chilling, and knitting in public last weekend on the shore of Lake Windermere. I read a magazine my media babe sister had sent me and watched the boats go by- it was a fairly easy-to-memorise pattern! Here's my link for a pic:

  3. Does knitting in the front lawn count as public? On a dead end dirt road in the boonies? lol, the guy cutting the hay saw me if it does. I take my knitting most places, it's never occurred to me not to knit in public. I've had a few questions like what are you making, even a few kids watching me in awe (I rarely watch what I'm doing). Sadly, I didn't see anyone else joining in this week. But I'll carry on anyways!


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