Friday, 27 September 2013

Beachy Picnic & A Visit to Old Maiden Aunt

What do you do when you have a little day off?  Well, you take a friend, some yarn, and pink bubbly to the beach.  Cold enough to wear our woolens with pride (but not cold enough to stop us picnic-ing on the beach), t'was a perfect day for a wander.  

For aaages I've been wanting to visit the studio of Old Maiden Aunt, in West Kilbride.  This quaint little place is Scotland's only 'Craft Town', and is lined with workshops where you can see the shop owners at work.   Though she was (supposed to be) busy packing for a trip, Lillith was wonderful - so friendly and ever so helpful :D  We may have spent 2 hours deciding what yarn we 'needed'.  And playing with the woofy dog!

Old Maiden Aunt dyes her colourways onto several different bases - all of which alter the final colour.  I may have bought the same purple twice, one on a silky base and one on a cashmere blend.  Nomnomnomnom.

Some of the two hours may have comprised of a woofy dog photo shoot.

Too much choice!

Yarn Cake?

Trunks full of goodies!

'Tardis' colourway.

My wares.  And a woofy dog.

Woofy dog photo shoot

On the way to the Old Maiden Yarn shop, we came across this gorgeous little glass workshop!  Everything was so teeny-tiny and detailed!  Apparently she also does workshops... I might have to visit again...

Finally, the beach!!  So many woofy dogs.  I actually didn't realise when I planned this trip, but I used to come to this beach when I was little!!  


When you go down to the woods tonight you're sure to find a Lauren exploring in the forrest...  All of these forresty photos look a little trippy; apparently trees + fish eye lens does crazy things to the mind.  


You still have time to enter the shawl pin giveaway, and the christmas yarny swap!!

AAAlllllso, there's now a GIANT pile of fluff in the shop.  Jus' sayin'.  

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  1. Wow, those black lacy tights are cool! I like wearing skirts and thus also appreciate a good pair of tights or leggings. :) Too bad the nice ones (both look-wise and quality-wise) always cost too much.
    The fluffs have great colours. :) Especially the ones in the right pile really compliment each other!
    And goodness me those little glass owls are tiny yet detailed, and in fun colours as well. :)


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