Monday, 2 September 2013

Cuppa & Cake with Victoria from Little Wren Pottery

Sticking to local supplies and traditional techniques, these little pieces really have stolen my heart.  Every item is produced by Victoria at her home in Yorkshire, inspired by natural shades & changing seasons in the countryside.  You can read lots more about the production of them in the 'About' section of Little Wren Pottery.  

Victoria opened her etsy store in 2009.  Having studied design at the University of Dundee, she was taught pottery by her father - culminating in the beautiful handcrafted items she produces.

1. I have to admit, I stumbled across your store because of your gorgeous yarn bowls, do you knit very much yourself?

I do knit, I've been a knitter for longer than I've been a potter and I actually started making yarn bowls because I wanted one. I love cabling and mostly making jumpers even though it takes a long time.

I think the favourite garment I've made was from a free pattern at called beatnik. It's a really easy pattern to follow with beautiful shaping. I keep thinking about knitting another in a different colour!

2. When did you begin to create such brilliant pottery, and when did this become an online store?

I started throwing in 2008 mainly thanks to my Dad who was a potter himself. I started selling in 2009 on Etsy and doing a few events. Pottery is an odd medium to work in, it really rewards repetition and constant daily practise.

Since I started my shop I've seen my skills grow and develop pushed in part by custom requests. Collaborating with buyers often results in surprising new works. I was a bit nervous about selling online and it is a challenging marketplace but you never know unless you put yourself out there!

3. There are teeny frogs in coffee mugs!! Do you make any other animal themed goodies?

I do like to use animals and other natural symbols in my pieces. You can find snails and butterflies on yarn bowls but I think my favourite are the mice.

The mice are so cute and I love it when people 'discover' them for the first time on pots. We used to have a little mouse that lived in our garden, my dad named him Michael! The mice work best on mugs and I like to leave them unglazed to stand out more against the colour of the pot.

4. What's your favourite item to make - and why?

My favourites have to also be one of the most challenging; plates. Each plate takes 2 kilos of clay to throw but at the end of the session looking over your work is just satisfying. Especially when they're all in a row together looking like part of the same family of pieces.

5. Will we see you at any craft fairs or events in the coming year?

Events are tricky for me it takes a long time to build up enough stock so I'm not able to do them often. I don't currently have any plans to do an even but if I can squeeze one in before Christmas I will do. The best thing is to keep an eye on the blog where I'll usually announce it beforehand.

Victoria posts on a brilliant blog, which you can find here at  Everything from creative ideas, stunning pictures from countryside wanders and yummy looking recipies!

You can also find her on facebook & twitter.  And, of course, have a nosey at the etsy store.

Have you got any ceramics or pottery you adore?  I've already nabbed a gorgeous yarn bowl from Little Wren Pottery, and am so tempted by the dinner sets!  This little shop miiiight even have inspired me to take a pottery class here in Glasgow! (whenever I can find a day off...)


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