Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Yarn Shop Day

Lets Knit recently blogged about supporting your local yarn shop, and the idea has rolled out like a ball of yarn alone in a room with a small cat.  

I do like my LYS (local yarn shop) lots and, very flatteringly, I was asked to attend as a local designer at my local yarn shop, with my wee knits displayed in the window!   So I shall be sat in The Yarn Cake on Queen Margaret Drive in Glasgow with discounted knitting patterns and stitch markers, joining the local yarn shop fun!

I'll be joined by Lauren Smith (WalkYouHome) and lovely designs from Kirsten M Bedigan (Aphaia Knits).

There's an exciting project on the go at the moment, but I fear it'll be a little while yet before I can reveal its magical wonderfullness :p

One thing I do love about Scotland is the long days.  Yes, yes, I know in winter we have around 3 hours of sunshine, but what about summer?!!  20 hours of sunshine?  Yes please.  

Sunshine is as inspiring as it is motivating, encouraging us to be more productive, more imaginative, and generally more wonderful.   Too much?  Perhaps.   

See you there?
Where's your LYS?

:) x

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