Monday, 18 August 2014


There are good pompoms, and bad pompoms.
There is also a limit to the number of pompoms one individual can handle.

Don't know about you, but I tend to sign up for a magazine, or read a blog, and remain relatively loyal to it.   This week for some reason I drew a line (was it because of another tiny project I'd never want to make?  A home idea I felt would make my living room look like I had children - we're talking about a lot here, 'cause this is coming from the girl who knits three different kind of fox...).  Maybe I've just been in a rather bad mood :p

Ironically, I cancelled one subscription due to over-familiarity with pompoms and ended up subscribing to.. you guessed it, PomPom Mag.

There are some very pretty projects included this month, and it's a very well presented, well thought out little publication.  Also, it comes prettily wrapped!  I'm a sucker for packaging.  And pencils.  And notebooks.

I've also been watching the Great British Bake Off!
Best of intentions abound, I did want to bake the challenge cake.  However, my work is killing me, and I can't bring myself to bake :'(  There will be a coffee & walnut cake though, because I really want to eat one...

Maybe I'm judging too harshly, but I definitely have my favourites (and least-favourites) already!

It also inspired this wee range of stitch markers!  They're in the etsy shop at the moment!

Last, but not least, I was SO ASHAMED today when I listened to the Caithness Craft podcast by Louise - and was named and shamed for only just joining the group!   I don't know why I wasn't a member before, I love this little podcast :)  You can find Louises group on Ravelry here.

I first met Louise at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival where I still feel bad because I literally didn't have a minute to talk to her properly.

Sounds like I need to make some stuff up to someone, eh?!

Do you have magazines and podcasts you love?


  1. whenever a new knitpicks or lion brand catalog would show up, Hubs would call it my bible. I would carry them for at least a week everywhere. Kitchen, purse, flipping through it while knitting. My imaginary bank account would be broke by the end of the week, but at least no boxes arrived at the door to get me in trouble ;)

  2. Exactly!! Keeps me out of trouble too :D

  3. I'm a huge pompom mag fan and It takes me ages to read each one as I want it to last as long as possible.... Silly I know. I also subscribe to the print edition and the quality and attention to the little details makes it feel unique.

    1. Not silly at all!! I totally agree. I loved the presentation, the packaging, and the good quality product that appeared :)


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