Thursday, 28 August 2014

LushPodKAL & Fyberspates Scrumptious DK/Worsted

Natural Fyberspates Scrumptious with a wee cup & saucer!

Having spent a lot of time knitting with this yarn recently (using it for the Lush KAL!), I'm compelled to gush about it slightly!  I've just had a lovely time knitting with it; it's soft, floofy, shiny & makes me happy every time I pull it from it's project baggie. 

This yarn is beautiful.  It's a loosely spun, 45% silk, 55% merino wool single ply yarn.  Advertised as DK/Worsted - I have to admit I'd be more likely to call it worsted, and it is listed in the worsted category on Ravelry.

With 220m per 100g, you get pretty decent milage out of it, and I think I'll use about four skeins for this lush cardigan I'm currently knitting.  At £14.00 per skein it's not the cheapest yarn you'll come across, but considering it's dyed by a small british company, and half silk, you've definitely spent more on less before!  

Having a little browse through the comments left about this yarn on Ravelry, I did see that some knitters think it's too splitty.  It's a very loosely spun single.  It is easy to split.  Personally, I don't really have a problem with it - it doesn't happen very often to me, and when it does I don't find it a massive hassle to poke the needle in at a different angle.   Regardless,  it's a complication you could pre-empt with a yarn like this one, and you'll have to make up your own mind whether the finish you'll get with a loosely spun single is worth a little extra care in the knitting.   It definitely wasn't so loose that it unravelled or anything.  

The lush cardigan involves both lace & stockinette.  This is lovely, because it keeps the cardigan nice & interesting whilst allowing me to knit it when I'm sleepy on the couch in the evening.   The stockinette is lovely and soft, but the lace still has great definition!  

Nice stitch definition!

Knitted from a yarn cake made on a ball winder from a swift.  As usual, I knitted from the outside not the centre, so didn't have any problems at all.  Though I noticed one of the comments said it was impossible to knit from the centre of the cake so, of course, I did try - it was an unmitigated disaster.  Don't knit from a centre-pull.  Just don't.  It did all sort of join together 'cause it was rubbing against itself on the way out.

I'm knitting the sleeves together on a big magic loop.  This is always the method I tackle those infamous sleeves with, as I'm compelled to keep going or I have no cardigan! (I suffer terribly from one-sleeve-itis if I knit them separately, and take weeks to get around to that second sleeve...).  Also, maybe this is a little obsessive of me, but I want those sleeves exactly the same length - not 'around 14 inches', not 'I held them together and they looked the same', because it never works!  Different length sleeves have no place on my cardigan!!

It's NOT superwash, so I'll have to take extra-special care of it!   Why oh why did I choose white...

To summarise!

  • Unbelievably soft
  • Good drape
  • Nice stitch definition


  • Easy to split
  • Handwash only

In case you wan't to nosey, my lush is on Ravelry here & the blog about the lush kal here.  And did you love the wee stitch markers?  They're in the etsy shop :)

Do you have a list of favourite yarns?  Why do you love them so much?

Too many WIPs...

Now further onto the sleeves, & still reading the mag!
Such a yummy pile of skeins...
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  1. Scrumptious is one of my most favourite yarns. Love the silk, the drape and how clear the stitches are. I have only used the laceweight so far and made an infinity scarf with their chunky.

  2. I'm loving your Lush but there is no way I could get away with a white anything! I've never knitted with Scrumptious..... Do,you thinking will were well? Just wondered with the merino or will the silk give it some strength and hold.

    1. I know! I do worry about both of these - I spill coffee over myself all the time...

      With regard to wearing well, I have no idea, but we shall soon find out :) I'd usually choose something far smoother, but couldn't resist!


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