Wednesday, 24 September 2014


After some knitting chatter on twitter, I've become rather excited with the idea of Socktober.  You guessed it - we're gonna knit socks in October.  

So here's the chat; We're going to drop everything else (mostly), and knit more socks than we've ever knit before.   For some of us, this won't be difficult - personally, I've never even knit one, so that'll be achievement enough.  For others, are you going to try something more complicated? a style you wouldn't normally go for?  two at a time?  

Join in, set your own goals, and share them with us in the OwlPrintPanda discussion board on Ravelry!  (There might even be a prize or two, who knows...).  

OR, if you're a sock genius/designer yourself and want to share your pretties with us,  share your patterns on the thread too :)

Here are the socks I've decided to kick off SOCKtober with (yes, I know I'm early, I was too excited).  They're the owlie socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel over on Ravelry. 

Some of my likely candidates for the rest of the month if I finish my Owlies are:

My Cup of Tea by Robin Lynn; free; top-down
Mixalot Socks by Rachel Coopey; paid

Spring Sprout by Jeannie Cartmel; paid; bottom up
Tintern Abbey by Brenda Dayne; paid; bottom up

Crenate by Rachel Coopey; paid; top-down
Winding Way by Tin Can Knits; paid; top down

Rye by Tin Can Knits; free
Tarsi-Grande by Clare Devine; paid

Are there sock patterns you adore?  What are they and will you be re-knitting them during SOCKtober?
I always find it easier to knit when others are knitting alongside me, so hopefully I'll be pretty productive this month :p


  1. Oh I'd love to join in! Not sure if my goals will be nearly as ambitious, since I have some non sock WIPs I want to finish in october as well. I've knit the Tintern Abbey socks at the beginning of the year and they're one of my favourite pairs :)

    1. WIP finishing seems like an achievement in itself?! I do love the look of the abbey socks, really want to try them!

  2. I'm going to the beginners sock workshop at Glasgow School of Yarn, hope to join in after that.

    1. Maybe the sock bug will bite! Feel free to join in whenever. I'll be spending my time trying to actually knit the socks and not just scroll through hundreds of pictures on ravelry...

  3. Too many gorgeous patterns! I daren't look at the ravelry board for fear of sock envy. :D

    October is to full for me to participate, though I do plan on casting on a pair of gingko socks to see if I can increase my sick knitting speed. :)

    1. That's my downfall too! I end up looking at all the pretties and getting no knitting done. How fast can you knit now?


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