Thursday, 9 October 2014

Finished Lush & Moving House

Lush was a wonderful knit.  Interesting but simple - it's rather satisfying.  Tin Can Knits do make some very lovely patterns :)

Just to explain this photo, I've recently moved house.  The previous owners choice of decor was as you see above!  I kind of adore it to pieces, but also couldn't spend my life with my walls in disrepair.  So I took a pretty picture with the lush and my chair, and painted everything over.  

The photo above is of my hallway, which is now a boring white.  The plan is for manymanymany photos and art and mirrors and wonderfullness which I find and think it'll look great on the wall even though Boy-half sincerely disagrees and wonders for my sanity.  It'll be lovely, I promise.  

My lush was knit in between moving house and babysitting the decorators (many walls needed plastered, it was messy and disasterful).   This means that, apart from being a nice pattern in and of itself, it also means quite a lot to me and has some nice memories attached too.  

The whole pattern (I'm sure I've mentioned this before) is easily fitted onto two sides of A4.  I don't have to carry booklets of paper around in my bag, worrying about which page I'm on or which instruction I'm supposed to be following now.

I'm aware that I'm a fairly confident knitter, and I do understand others prefer more direction than myself.  Saying that, most of the participants in the KAL also seemed to love the pattern, and the atmosphere of the KAL itself.  This is what's wonderful about the online knitting community, and Knit-Alongs (KALs).  The enthusiastic hosts of the LushPodKAL allowed us to learn and share together.  Encouragement, excitement and consolation for silly knitting mistakes were all to hand, even for those far away from knitting shops or groups.

Judging by the KAL, quite a few people had problems picking up and matching their provisional cast on stitches.  Mine don't exactly line up down the back, but I'm quite content with how it has turned out.  Maybe someone who matched theirs perfectly could give the rest of us some pointers!

A few weeks ago I wrote a wee bloggy post about the yummy Fyberspates yarn I used for this cardigan - it still hasn't pilled!

What made this knit even more wonderful (if that's possible), was that there were SO MANY appearing at Yarndale!  As soon as I stepped off the train I met Louise of the Knit British podcast in her lovely blue lush.  It didn't stop there, and it was great to see everyones cardigans.

I'm currently trying to knit all the socks in the world, whilst Socktober lasts, at any rate.  Why not join me?  I'm just learning to knit socks, so all the encouragement I can gather is much appreciated :p


  1. I'm still deeply in love with my Lush!

    1. I'm in love with your lush too! They're all SO LOVELY. I kind of want another...


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