Sunday, 23 November 2014

Socktober update

This month has been incredibly busy.  And, I have to admit, I'm slightly relieved that i'll be off to a new department soon where I'll have many, many, many more weekends off than I had before :D  More time for knitting, blogging, sleeping...

First of all, my socktober socks!  Now, they're not all finished yet (even though we're now almost in December) but they were begun in October so they still count, right?  Also in October, was this amazing red yarn from The Skein Queen.  It's merino and silk and yak and it is YUMMY.  Very squishable, dyed onto a grey base for a deeper colour and really matching the book she intended.    Very sad I only have one of these club arrivals left!  The next one will be inspired by 'Gone Girl', so I'm excited to see what she comes up with!

The first pair of socktobers is the Owlie Socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel.  They were a great knit, easy to follow and with cute little cables.  The yarn was great too, it was the Jawoll SUperwash by Lang Yarns, in the beige/grey.  It's great because it comes with a little bobbin of thread to knit through the heels & toes to reinforce them.  

My second pair were the Tintern Abbey socks by Brenda Dayne.  These were toe up, and I'll be hard pushed to knit top down again.  I can try these lovelies on as I knit!  They're knit from one of the gorgeous skeins which arrived with the August Golden Skein club - Hartlam sock in the Fields of Gold colourway.   Knit on chicagoos, the ones which have the twirly cable.  Definitely thought that was a gimmick, but trying to go back to non twirly needles and twisting them every couple of rounds?  Those twisty cables really do spoil you.  

There's also a shiny new pair which needs tested :p  They've definitely been slower than I intended too, because this glorious little magazine arrived.  Not only that, but I'm studying again - thought once uni was over with that would be too!  No such luck, and I have a scary exam in January.  Saying that, it has been a lovely week filled with walls of yarn.  The lovely wall of drops yarn at the local yarn store The Yarn Cake, and then my own accidental wall of yarn which is slowly taking over the bookshelves...  Do you have a wall of yarn?  How can you keep it all in boxes?!  Is so pretty!

It's starting to get chilly in the morning now, so all these socks really are just in time.  Though I'm still too scared to wear them often in case I put holes in them.  They're like little decorations atop my dresser, so I'll need to man up and wear them soon.   This is my view on the way to work.  Brrr. 

The socks on the go in the first photo are being knit with some lovely grey sock yarn from sara's texture crafts (you can still enter to win some of her lovely yarn over here).  It's really lovely to knit up, with nice tones throughout and good stitch definition on the 2.25mms. 

Then there might already be another set cast on with some of Ginger Twists amazing yarn-  just look at that colour!  

Falling so behing with everything!  There's the studying, the knitting, the work, the sorting my house out.  But it's all ok, because I have beer and yarn.  That means the world is an OK place.   Oh, and the Pigeon Pied Piper.  He was quite the sight in the botanics.  

What have you been doing lately?  What's on your needles and have you started your christmas knitting yet? (I haven't).

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