Sunday, 21 December 2014

Christmas Jumpers I Wish I Had Made But Totally Don't Have Time For

Oh, I have missed the boat this year, and definitely don't intend to attempt a sweater in 4 days (yes, yes I know it is possible, some of you crazy folk out there have done it, but I simply don't have the attention span or willpower required).   I'll need to content myself with some simple socks, mulled wine and walnut cake, what a hardship...

There are, however, a few items I'd love to add to my list to knit for next year.

"Boreal" by Kate Davies
Boreal is one of my absolute favourite winter knits.   It's an aran weight (maybe I could do it in 4 days...), and perfectly winter-like.  Not too christmassy, so I could still wear it through December and January.   Kate Davies seems to produce wonderful colourwork sweaters without fail, so perhaps it's time I try one!

"The Perfect Christmas Jumper", by Susan Crawford
This one is definitely a christmas day jumper, and I adore it.  Knit in 2-ply, it might take a little extra motivation to convince me to start, but I am a sucker for those puff sleeves.  Susan Crawford makes some beautiful vintage-style patterns.

"Strokkur" by Ysolda
One of my current top 'to-do' yoked sweaters, this is another aran masterpiece.  Lovely detail without taking over the whole sweater.  It's also one of those patterns I really want to knit *exactly* as it was made originally.  Good excuse for some post-christmas yarn shopping then?

"Clayquot" by Tin Can Knits
Clayquot is one of the new patterns from Tin Can Knits newest book 'Road Trip'.  As with their other cardigans (e.g. Lush, which I knitted a few months ago), the pattern is simply written, pleasing to read and easy to knit.  This one is definitely on the cards!

"Homestead" by Martin Storey
Last but not least, we had to have one more lot of reindeer, no?

Do you have a christmas jumper you've knit for yourself?  Or intend to?  I'm afraid it'll be next year before I join you...


  1. No Christmas jumpers myself, but I love all your choices. Clayquot has been on my list for awhile, too. I love the patterned yoke and you could definitely wear it all winter long, or camp it up for the holidays with some cheeky color choices.

  2. Boreal is definitely on my to-do list, too! I like its simplicity and yet it is still an interesting jumper. My favourite pattern of all is North Shore, which I haven't knitted yet because I can't find all the colours I want. One day...

    North Shore:

  3. That is a very drool-worthy list of christmas jumpers. I can't take my eyes of the first one! I've never knit a christmas jumper in my life, but that first one is going to be a goal for next year.


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