Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fearlas Mor Socks & Yummy Yarn


More socks!!  I have indeed been busy, and these little grey socks are one of my favorite pairs!  You can find the pattern on Ravelry here

Knitted in hand-dyed yarn from Sara's Texture Crafts, these socks are toe-up, part slipped stitch pattern, part lace pattern.  

In the Cairngorms, there is a rumour of a Grey Man, a Fearlas Mor, who roams the mountaintops waiting to waylay hopeful climbers. He has been reported as a ‘presence’ rather than a tangible being, and those sensible scientists have thought of a few explanations.

The ‘Broken Spectre’ is apparently a phenomenon which occurs when a break in the clouds allows us to see a reflection of ourselves on the next cloud, often accompanied by a rainbow called a Glory.
Despite this, some still feel the Grey Man is a manifestation of the spirit of the mountain – which is cool, if a little creepy.

As far as the yarn goes, it was yummy!  Hand-dyed by Sara, who guest posted here recently on the merits of being brave with your yarn dyeing adventures

I also used the Karbonz knit pro needles for this pair, and they were a delight to knit with.  As I mentioned in the needle review not long ago, they're just lovely and comfortable, and I will definitely be using them again soon. 

If you'd prefer something more summery, Braeriach and Ithunn sock are lovely, green & lacy, knitted in lovely yarn from Ginger Twist & Sylvan Tiger.  

What are you currently knitting?  What's your favourite kind of sock to make?

As you may have noticed a couple of clues to in the first photo, I'm off to Iceland this week!!  Very excited, all the winter warm clothes are looked out & packed, and I'm really upset I don't have time to knit a lovely warm cowl before I go!  One of my definite goals is to buy myself some lopi yarn for an icelandic sweater whilst I'm away.  Have you ever visited?  Can you recommend a yarn shop for me?!


  1. Beautiful socks! And I've never been to Iceland but would like to visit so bad! Have fun and I hope you'll share some pictures from your trip. Unrelated, but I love the duck umbrella in the first pic as well.

  2. Who knew grey socks could be so beautiful? They are lovely. I will have to have a look at the pattern now.


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