Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rucksack Oogling

It turns out I have expensive tastes in rucksacks. But they so pretty.  I found this whilst desperately plugging away to find a nice bag and retain a life free of back pain.  Why oh why do one shoulder bags kill me so much - I do reckon I always try to take too many things with me.  Of course I need two books in case I finish the first one, and a whole knitting project, a BMJ magazine in case I feel like learning and a flask of coffee in case I'm thirsty on the way in.  A snack?  Yes, that too, lets take some nuts, and you may as well throw in the things I actually need for work.

First up, Orla Kiely makes some beautiful stem print bags.   They're bright & shiny and totally up my street.

Second on my list, are these gorgeous Kanken bags (I think I love the one on the left, but it's considerably more expensive...)

We're not even going to discuss the price of this leather one.

These Herschel bags are just too cute, as are the Sandqvist lot;

In an attempt to be self sufficient, I've been looking up free bag patterns to sew myself, but just haven't found anything which quite meets what I was looking for! 

Have you been making your own bag recently?  Or splashed out and bought a shiny new one?


  1. I love rucksacks, but, sadly, due to back pain, I no longer use mine. That is a shame because they are so practical and you have your hands free to do whatever you want while wearing one. They allow you to carry lots of stuff and you barely notice the weight. I feel I am turning into an old woman by using a trolley suitcase I can simply drag behind me. :P

  2. I've been looking into making my own bag (my purses are so big I don't even bother trying to call them anything but bags), but I've been hesitant due to a) not the right look and b) my lack of skills. That leather one is dreamy looking (and I'm not taking the bait and checking the price)


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