Monday, 22 June 2015

Inspired by: Rainbow Heirloom

Rainbow Heirloom yarn is dyed by Emily Wessel (the lady who brought you half of Tin Can Knits) & it is glorious.  I'm particularly excited, though, because Rainbow Heirloom has launched a yarn club.

It's called the Nostalgia club; inspired by fond memories and important moments.  The Tin Can Knits books are among my favourite, and it's down to the little details - the pretty family photos, the well thought out inspiration essays and the simple yet very pretty knits that the pair produce each and every time.  For the same reasons, this club has really grabbed my attention. 

Every time I attend a yarn show at which Rainbow Heirloom has a stall, I melt at all the brilliant colours.  This time, as they're accompanied by stories, I simply couldn't resist having a good look.   Each month is a unique colour, on a different base - so lets you try lots of different kinds of Rainbow Heirloom yarn!

If you're signing up before the end of June for the whole 9 month club, it's 20% less than you'll be paying later, so something to think about :p 

Junes yarn is already here - meet Verdant DK merino.  It is LUSH, I can almost feel the forresty places used inspiration for this one.  The other thing I find appealing about RH yarn is that all of their one-off 'experiment' yarns are also for sale in the shop, so you can find truly wonderful one of a kind colourways floating around in amongst the reproducibles.   

Last month I listened to Emily talking on the Shinybees podcast, about her yarn journey and how she began designing patterns.  It was all very interesting, and such a pleasant chat.  You can hear how much she adores creating beautiful yet functional garments and accessories from yarn, & I suppose that's why her knitting patterns always look so wonderfully simple yet interesting.

In my own patterns I often aim for the 'pretty yet practical' look, and sometimes worry that I'll never quite get there!  Each new pattern is a wonderful experience but also carries all the innate stresses which probably cross the minds of most knitting designers.  Will people like it?  Is it clear & concise? I hope it fits the way it's supposed to!  And a million, million other thoughts.   

But what's to gain if it's too easy, eh?!  Maybe there'll just have to be a little creative venture with some of this yarn in future :p

The yarn story aspect really appeals to be because of my love of a good tale!  My happiest knitting is spent listening to audiobooks.  

Most recently, I've been listening to Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch.  It's about a London copper who discovers magic whilst trying to fight crime.  Yes, yes, I realise this sounds ridiculous, but it's really good!  This is the 5th book in the series & I'm hooked.  Also, I ADORE who they've cast to read the story for the audiobook.  I read the first book whilst on holiday a couple of years ago, and have listened to the next 4 on audiobook.  The directors have completely captured who the main character is.  The narrator just sounds exactly as I had imagined the main character to sound; accent, inflections, sarcastic tone and all.  I hope I never see a picture, because I've decided what he looks like in my head and don't want that taken away!

What yarn have you been coveting recently?  Do you have any good book recommendations for me?!

'Inspired by' is a new blog section, in which I'll try to feature a yarn or designer once a month who really inspires me to knit & design.   Who do you feel inspired by?

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