Sunday, 13 March 2016

Blackers New Yarn

As you've probably been able to tell, I've been on a little bit of a swatching binge recently!  This was precipitated, in no small part, by some very lovely yarn samples I was sent by Blacker Yarn.

They have a new yarn coming out shortly - Tamar.

Sue Blacker recently posted on the Blacker blog about this yarn - I do love a yarn with a story!!  Basically, it is named after the Tamar river between Devon & Cornwall (in England).  It's an homage to the watery hills and valleys of the area, the history of the people and their beliefs throughout time.  There's a beautiful fairy tale accompanying this yarn, and I'd highly recommend heading over to the blacker blog for a wee read.

I could ramble on about this yarn for ages, because it's great, but I'll try to summarise into something sensible:

Composition:  spun from British rare breeds, including Teeswater, Wensleydale and Leicester Longwool

Yardage:  4ply - 350 m / 380 yds.  DK - 220 m / 238 yds.

Practicalities: cool handwash only

Handle:  despite feeling fairly 'rustic' due to the longwool used, this yarn is easily next to skin soft.  The longwool also affords it a weight and drape which would be beautiful in accessories and garments alike.  I can see folk thinking it's not soft enough, it doesn't compare to buttery merino, but I imagine it would last significantly longer.

Stitch definition: despite the halo (which is very attractive and, not to forget, warm!) the stitch defition is very clear, I've worked up a wee lace sample which turned out beautifully.

Range: available in 4-ply and DK, this is suitable for a wide variety of projects.  The colour palette is also amazing (as below!).

All in all, I adore this yarn, and hope to work with it as soon as I'm able!  Have you tried it yet?  What are you knitting with at the moment?


  1. I loved the yarn as soon as I saw photos of it and so I bought four hanks at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival. I went for the DK in different colours so I will design a nice warm shawl. It will have to wait a bit for me to get around to knitting and designing a pattern, but I can't wait to begin!

  2. This yarn looks good because of the quality, so many people complain regarding the yarn quality but now their issues will be resolved


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