Amanda lives in Glasgow, surrounded by yarn & coffee. 

With patterns both self-published and featured in several news-stand magazines, Amanda likes to draw inspiration from her surroundings into her knits.  

Her love for knitting accessories led to the Stitch Marker Shop, and her patterns can all be found on Ravelry.  

Upcoming Events:

  • Edinburgh Yarn Festival in March 2015. 


Find her here:

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Stats Updated 30th October 2014

Pageviews Today:  6,227+
Pageviews Yesterday:  6,535
Pageviews Last Month:  148,003

Twitter Followers: >1,300

Would you like to host a giveaway, become involved in a 'Cuppa & Cake' or advertise on this page?  Please do get in touch at owlprintpanda@gmail.com :)


  1. Hi Amanda, I'm really enjoying your blog - I found it via Peggy's Coillection & loved your valentines post! I'm now following on on Bloglovin' :) x

  2. Thanks! Valentines is always so much fun for crafty bits and pieces :). I had a peek at your site, it's brilliant!


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