Friday, 26 October 2012

Amsterdam Day 1

So we recently took a little trip to Amsterdam!   I have decided it is awesome and want to move there to ride bikes and live on a canal.

After a bit of a delay on the plane, we arrived to a lovely sunny day!  Trams are amazing, they so frequent and fast and awesome.  Edinburghs trams will never be as good.

Trip to amsterdam

Trip to amsterdam

Hotel was lovely, clean and very central, among the lovely canals!

After a quick (and lovely) bite to eat in one of the many cafes around amsterdam, we went to the nearest museum - "KattenKabinet", which, unsurprisingly, turned out to be a crazy ladys house full of cat stuff.

Apparently "Only falling cats land on their feet".  I bothered the poor little reception man to translate half the postcards and write the meaning on the back of the one I finally chose...

There was all manner of crazy stuff in the crazy cat lady house, from disney films about space cats (which, may I add, must be the least heard of disney film ever), to puss in boots statues, china cat musical tables and even 'famous' cats made from masking tape...

Best Thai food outside Thailand

Houseboats!!  I love houseboats.  I wish to live in a houseboat.  They're actually far bigger than you'd imagine on the inside!!

Van gough painted houses

gerdens on top of houseboats

After taking this next photo, a lovely old man stopped me and asked if I knew what it was. He then explained that an the 1700s a banker was built this large house as payment for moving to amsterdam with his business. However, he protested against this payment as he was expecting gold and silver. In return the government of Amsterdam decided to paint this gold and silver to his house instead of giving him gold and silver in his hand. It is renewed every year by the tax payers!

After (a lot of) wandering, we went to the tulip museum!  It was such a cute little shop.  First of all, we got locked into a small mirrored room lined with tulips...

Then I learned the origins of tulips...

Then we sniffed some giant tulips...

And found many tulip vases, some shaped like tanks

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