Saturday, 27 October 2012

Amsterdam Day 2

Oh so many clogs.  Crazy many clogs.

Amsterdam Museum next!  Very well laid out museum, so impressed with the level of description on each and every item on show.  Here's David and Goliath!

After a civilised morning, we hit De Wallen.  Though I couldn't take many photos 'cause apparently the prostitutes will chuck your camera in the canals, and I rather like my camera.  It was an odd experience to say the least!  Ladies in all the windows, most of whom looked rather bored!

So many tulips in Bloemenmarkt, and all rather cheap!

This was odd, found a park full of metal iguanas...

Visited the Vondelpark, largest park in europe!

Went to Rijksmuseum and I got rather carried away with the dolls houses.  They were so intricate and amazing!

I loved how appalled this cherub looked that the ladies fancyman had fallen asleep on her.  Check out his wee appalled face...

Scheming cherubs remind us that love is control, and can conquer and ruin everything apparently... bit morbid methinks.

The Night Watch.  All famous n stuff.

Whilst we were walking around amsterdam, we bumped into a film crew a few times.  Was quite cool to watch the happenings, poor film people couldnt keep tourists from getting in the way of the shots though.  We found them again accidentally whilst we were sitting in this yummy coffee shop.  Build your own hot chocolate served there!

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