Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Free Short Rows Tutorial

Amazing free short rows knitting video tutorial @OwlPrintPanda

Short rows, short rows.  Ah how you confuzzled me at first.

Just came across this *massive* tutorial and only wish I had found it earlier!

It's completely free, and has 5 videos included, teaching you different methods of doing the short rows, how to sleeve and shoulder shape and how to do bust shaping.  It even has written downloadable class materials!

All amazing things to know well!

Ok so I did feel some bits could be a little less drawn out, but perhaps this is a nice way to pass an evening by!  Get a friend or two round, glass of wine...

Perhaps we could all do a massive short row knit along!  :o  Now to find a pattern for this... comment if you know of a good one!

p.s.  Also discovered quidco - there's a link on the right hand side of the blog (green square with i *heart* quidco).  It's a great discount website that gets you loads of money off a lot of online shops - 12% of magazines was my most recent use of it :)

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