Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cuppa & Cake with Sarah Ray (Illustrator)

This week, I thought I'd share with you an amazing shop I found on the internetland through twitter, so I asked her to drop in for tea*!

Cuppa & Cake with

Sarah Ray is from Herefordshire, and spent 3 years at Cambridge School of Art completing a degree in Illustration.  She has a cat called Billie who she also likes to drink tea with.

As well as commisioned work, Sarah has an AMAZING shop ( & is @singingchicken on twitter).  You can also find her at fairs all over (Birmingham next!)

p.s. Sarah sells amazingly cute jewellery too, take a peek!

Cuppa & Cake with
Cuppa & Cake with

1.  What have you been up to this week?
Hmmm well I'm sure you won't want a list of a hundred tasks, but basically I've been up to all sorts! Some of the things I've been doing include; packing orders, making things ready for christmas markets, getting ready for Top Drawer (a trade show in London) and I've been working on a commission for a contemporary music group which has been fun as I've had to research birds and found some cool looking ones with Jedward hair and everythin.

2.  If we really were in a cafe, what would you be eating/drinking right now?
Oooh, well it depends on how i was feeling but I'd generally go for a cup of Earl Grey tea (which i call Early boy) and a nice chunk of cake, or some biscuits. I like my tea with a wee bit of milk and no sugar please! Ta......umm...are you paying?

3.  So, screen printing!  When did you start, and how were you introduced to it?

I did do a bit at Uni, but it wasn't until I moved to Birmingham that I properly got into it. My work by then had developed into something that suited screen printing, and I discovered the Birmingham printmakers where I attended a workshop. I immediately thought this was a good thing to I loved it! Job done.

4. for those who haven't heard of it before, what *is* screen printing anyway?

Oh well it's a print process that involves using a woven mesh covered frame, to apply your image to, using a stencil or photosensitive method. The ink is then pulled through each layer separately using a squeegee (great word) to complete your final screen print. (in a nutshell)

5.  Where do you draw most of your inspiration from?
People, animals. Family and friends. Funny things humans do and say that make me laugh. I like to find new ways of looking at things to make them funnier. I.e. a worm with a shoe on in a shop with a friend saying 'that looks nice' is a lot funnier than a human in the same situation.

6.  Your 'nice face' range seems largest, is this your favourite design to draw?
No, not really! I think it seems largest because it's new and I haven't managed to add everything to my shop as yet. I do like faces though. I think my favourite thing to draw is a new idea. I love that time when you know you've got something good, and you're drawing it out.

7.  Naked snail?  I love him so.
Ahh, yes, the naked snail. My brother's wife is German and I love the way their words translate so literally. For example, a glove translates as a hand shoe, Vacuum cleaner as a dust sucker, I could go on. So that's where it came from; slug translates as naked snail. Amazing.

8.  From your blog, looks like you go to lots of pretty markets - where have you been recently and are you preparing for more soon?
Recently I was at Wolverhampton art gallery, which was great (apart from the fire alarm that went off in the middle of the day and everyone had to get out! ha ha) Next I'm in Moseley (Birmingham) on the 22nd at their christmas market which is a really lovely market, so if you are about, check it out!

9.  What do you like to do when you're not illustrating?
Visiting friends and family, eating, tinkering on the piano, playing some records and attempting to mix them, going to see live music and dancing my little socks off on occasions.

Thanks to Sarah for visiting!  It was lovely to chat :)

5 days until christmas!!  Are we all finished our christmas knitting/crochet/crafting?  (I know I'm not...)

Amanda x

*tea may or may not include real life or imaginary tea.

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