Monday, 24 December 2012

Knit The Queue

So this year I've decided to join Mooncalf in her valiant effort to 'Knit The Queue' by the end of 2013!

I thought my queue would be more of an idea of what I'll knit, as I'm unsure of what exactly I'd like to make!!  I've added a couple of socks, cardigans, hoods and cowls (and a beekeepers quilt!).  I'm not fussed if I don't make these exact ones, or if the numbers remain the same.  And I'm especially not fussed about finishing an entire quilt.  I am excited about making sure I knit at least one thing a month, and to learn some new techniques along the way!

I think I'd also like to set myself a personal goal of trying to publish a pattern in a knitting publication this year.  I've a few things brewing and I'd love to see them somewhere special.  Reading the groups on ravelry have brought up pros and cons of this versus self publishing, but at the very least I feel it would be a good experience!  Please do get in touch with me below or on email ( if you have advice about this one!!

You can see mooncalfs site here if you'd like to join the 'knit the queue' effort!

And Merry Christmas Eve everyone :). Are any of you still desperately attempting to finish some Christmas knitting? And if you are, the very best of luck to you :D

At the end of every month I shall post and let you know about the progress of my 'knit the queue' attempt.  And let me know if you're taking part so I can nosey at your queue too!

Amanda x

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