Sunday, 20 January 2013

Knit the Queue addition!

Hello Lovelies!

I have had an insanely boring day filled with essays and bits and pieces I've been meaning to do for aaagees.

Sad thing is that the essays still aren't finished :(  Boo and humbug.

On the bright side, I've finally put up the photos of my lonely tree shawl!!

I even had a quick chat with the pattern designer, Sylvia, last week!  So you could have a nosey at that too :p  she is very nice indeed :)

Have you been productive this weekend?  You could try to knit your queue in 2012 too :o, join the ravelry group here!

My poor wee hands are cold.

Much love!
Amanda :) x


  1. Beautiful - what lovely pictures! You've made a great start on this challenge!

  2. Thanks! I've started a couple of jumpers from the queue too, here's for another item finished before the end of February!


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