Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Learning French and Loving Herringbone

The best stitch in the world ever (this week):


How good is that stitch,  all zigzags and squinty yummyness :)

As most of you can probably relate to, I have a basic grasp of some languages.

For example, I shall never be unable to ask for a toilet.  or beer.

Where I would love to be able to read more, is for blogs like this.  Oversize me is a gorgeous blog, with lots of lovely ideas and stunning photography - the picture and video are theirs :).

I have to admit, I did watch this video many times.

I've recently taken up learning German (If you would like to be my german pen-pal, please do get in touch!  That would be amazing!)  Which is fun, I thoroughly enjoy the literal translations and extra-long-words-made-up-of-many-other-words.  :)

There's never enough time in the world for everything we could wish to learn, but you should never hold back because of time!  If you want time, you can find it!

What language do you wish you knew better?

Have a lovely evening!

Amanda :) x

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