Monday, 4 February 2013

Custom Blended Merino Fibre

This is the prettiest bundle of fluff I have ever laid my little eyes on.  And it is MASSIVE :o

prettiest merino fibre ever :o

It's from World of Wool, which is a brilliant online store which lets you blend your own fibre choosing from different breeds, fibre types, colours and 'passes', which is how many times it is mixed through the carder.

I popped the contents of this lovely bundle up in my Ravelry Stash.

Minimum order was 500g, so I just *had* to get it...  I'm gonna try a couple of sample methods of spinning it and then perhaps attempt to make myself a little (or large) cardigan :D

Or I might just sit it beside me on the couch and pet it for the rest of the night.  Or just snuggle with it.

Plan of action:  stop staring at the massive mound of pretty fibre.  Go eat some food because it's already way past dinner time.  Spin my night away!

This is another first - spinning colourful dyed yarn!  I spun my first bobbin and dyed my first skein last week :D  see here and here.  

I did learn how to braid fibre the other day.... perhaps I'll just go braid all of this too.

prettiest merino fibre ever :o

Scratch that "maybe".  I did it.  I just typed about it and found the irresistible urge to go back and braid all the yarn.

It's dark so my photos are not brilliant (I shall put up more tomorrow), but look at these pretty pretty braids!

prettiest merino fibre ever :o

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