Sunday, 24 February 2013

Dent-de-Lion; pretty words and a call for test knitters!

Did you know, that our Dandelion (y'know, that oh so pretty weed children everywhere love to blow the seeds of all over town), is named from the french 'Dent-de-lion', meaning 'Lions Tooth'?

Dent-De-Lion Dandelion Hat

Dent-De-Lion Dandelion Hat
Dent-De-Lion Dandelion Hat

Etymology (thew study of the origin of words) is very interesting, I'm always so intrigued as to how some of these words came about!  Anyhoo, I did ponder all of this lots whilst knitting up my new hat!

As with any new hat, I am of course looking for test knitters.  I will apologise in advance for these provisional photographs because my camera is still in the fixing shop :(

The stitch I used is one which caught my eye from my new stitch library book "400 Knitting Stitches by Potter Craft" - it's a gorgeous little book with good written notation and clear charts, along with lovely photos of large swatches of each and every stitch.  I would highly reccomend it!

My favourite part of the hat, the main feature and it’s namesake, is the part approaching the crown, as the yarn overs draw together to form one last large dandelion, with yarn loops reaching out as if you could just blow them off the top of your head!

TheDent-de-Lion hat is very slouchy, knit from brim to crown in the round, using two colours.  It comes in 4 sizes (toddler, child, adult and large adult).

To knit the hat, you would need:
Needles:  3.5mm DPNs
Yarn: Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply superwash
200yards of main colour (oatmeal)
100yards of alternate colour (gold)
 You don't have to use this yarn, any 4ply/sport weight would be lovely, I'm sure :)

Competencies:  knitting in the round, colourwork, the following stitches: knit, purl, yarn overs, twisted stitches, decreases.

Feedback :  I'd really appreciate some constructive feedback;  how easy did you find the pattern to follow? Could anything have been clearer?  What needs to be added and can anything be removed because it's unneccesary?  Also, it would be brilliant to havesome photos so they can be uploaded to your projects on Ravelry once the pattern is published :)  It would also be ideal if this could be within the next 2-3 weeks.

EDIT:  There are now enough test knitters for the adult sizes.  If you'd like to knit up a childs version, please do get in touch and I shall send you the pattern.  Email me at, including your Ravelry username :).

Love! x

Dent-De-Lion Dandelion Hat


  1. Oh that´s really interesting! Does anyone know what it has to do with teeth? In German it is called Löwenzahn, which means tooth of a lion.
    And it is a wonderful pattern ;)

    1. That's so odd! I wonder what it translates as in other languages?


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