Saturday, 23 February 2013

Owlie Ribbon & Cake from an ATM!

Having lived away from home for a few years, it's lovely to have a wee shopping day with my mummy :D.

It's my birthday in a couple of weeks (7th of March, nudge nudge), so we popped out for a wander round town. There are a few lovely dresses in stores at the moment, and I may have bought one *coughthreecough* from H! By Henry Holland. Awesome clothes, I will have to write a little post about them soon!

There's a big haberdashery store in Glasgow, so I popped in and left with these gorgeous little ribbons! Now just to find a use for them!

However, the strangest thing I spotted today (or all month for that matter) was an entire wall of cupcakes behind glass, which turned out to be a giant cupcake vending machine!!! I didn't try one, I can't imagine how many preservatives it has in it in order to be stored in a vending machine - I'd rather have one from the bakery. Or my own oven. Yey for baking!

What are you doing this weekend? :)


Ps my camera still hasn't returned from the camera fixing shop :'(. I miss it!

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