Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cute Gifts from A Girl Called Boz!

Hello lovelies :)

Today I arrived home from work to find a little package waiting on me. (How exciting, don't you feel like Christmas has come every time post arrives? I love post. When I hear post arrive I always go get it. Like a small well trained dog.... But anyhow).

Inside, were these brilliant little gifts from A Girl Called Boz! You can find her on twitter @agirlcalledboz, or in her etsy store here: http://agirlcalledboz.etsy.com. There are quite a few quirky items in that little shop! Really cute, brilliant :D

As well as the earrings and notebook in the photo there were also little transfer tattoos but I had issues making these stand up for a photo :p.

On a sadder note, my camera is broken and had to be sent away in a box to the camera fixing people!! So you have here a lovely little photo courtesy of my phone :D. I do love Instagram.

Have you received anything in the post this week? What was it?? Share the posty joy!

:D x

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