Sunday, 31 March 2013

So I Spun Up All the Yarn, & Learned to Ply.

As you probably spotted in my Spring Equinox Swap post, my lovely spoiler (Aobhro)
 gifted me a whole pack of assorted fleecy bits to spin on my new wheel!

Well a couple of weeks have passed and I may have spun them all up...

There's some pastel cheviot, green & black humbug jacobs and natural humbug shetland - all so pretty!!

None are plied, they all ended up around fingering/4ply weight and I was happy with that, because I've decided to make a from scratchy handspun and handknit beekeepers quilt :D

Aaaaand before, they looked like this!  -

Next, I decided to tackle the next hurdle - plying.  Going for a simple 2 ply, I spun up this lovely 70% black shetland 30% bleached tussah silk.  The plying was so easy!  Can't believe I've been putting it off!  - don't put it off spinners!  Ended up around DK/worsted, so I may make a hat :D

Navajo plying will be the next test on this beauty of a braid:

What did you spin this week??  Send me where you get pretty fibre from :p

Amanda x

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