Wednesday, 24 April 2013

New Jumpers, Foxy Things & Hexagons

The past couple of weeks have flown in!  And I'm sorry to say I've been neglecting you, dear blog :).  

There was a terrible incident in which the back of my phone smashed into a million-billion-trillion tiny pieces of jaggy evilness.  Then there was the wondrous moment not long after when I discovered this amazing foxy phone cover!!!  Everything happens for a reason, right?

How cute?!?!  And from the same shop I may have purchased the foxy card.  The shop is called digger; it's a crazy shade of bright yellow, and doesn't seem to have any set opening times - just have to wait until it's open when you're passing :D

The hexagons are for my next big project - a hexagon quilt.  I've collected quite a few yummy pieces of fabric, so spent a day chopping them up for sewing together again.  Why not join me?  Let me know if you're up for making a hexagon quilt to and we can organise a sew-along :p

Last but not least, this jumper makes me so happy :D  It has taken me 3 weeks of relatively obsessive knitting, in 4ply merino from Katia yarns.  So soft.  And warm.  And fits so well :').
The pattern is called 5200K, and can be found here on Ravelry :) 

ooooo that totally wasn't the last thing :D
The last thing is amazing.  We're having a little swap in the OwlPrintPanda group, if you'd like to take part please don't be shy!!

:) x


  1. That is a lovely jumper!

    I just may have to go buy the pattern :D

    1. it was actually a really easy knit! lots of knit stitch hehe


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