Saturday, 13 April 2013

New swap! And my last swap gift :)

How about a knitting swap?  I've recently taking part in the Spring swap over in the TinyOwlKnits group on Ravelry, and found it to be such good fun!

And you can see the lovely, amazing, beautiful gifts my spoiler sent me in my last blog post about it here!

You are given the username and address of your spoilee, and do a little bit of Ravelry/blog stalking before  putting together a pretty little love-filled package for them!

I can't wait until the next big swap starts, so thought it would be amazing to start a little one for in-between times! If you'd be interested in taking part in a swap please do comment here and/or head on over to the discussion on Ravelry in my group!

It’ll just be a little swap, with a budget of £/$5-10. If you haven’t swapped before, you simply make up a little package of love for the one you’re spoiling (it doesn’t have to be expensive, or shop bought or even new, just something you think they’ll love, whether that be handmade, repurposed or bought just for them).
Sme ideas would be stitch markers, balls of yarn, knit them an item from their queue, knit a little random item, or present them with a pattern, or any manner of other little goodies you think they might like!! (Like chocolate, mmmm)
This is just to gauge interest, so please do post in my Ravelry group if you’d like to take part! Pass the message onto your friends if you think they’d like to join too!

1 comment:

  1. Over Easter I took part in a Spring Swap, only my recipient didn't know who I was until she opened her parcel.
    Although a little daunting at first, I loved taking part!
    Love your gifts!


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