Sunday, 26 May 2013

From Sheep to Shawl

Not long ago, you may have spotted a post about some lovely purple fleece I bought from Fondant Fiber!

Well, this week I decided I had to actually start using the pile of handspun amassing in the basket on the shelf, and turned it into this simple shawl :)

Thinking about making a cardigan next, which fleece would you recommend?  Would love a breed which spins up lovely and soft.  Not too floofy though!  It'll aaaall go up my nose.

 The pattern is very simple, and can be found free on Ravelry by Orange Flower.    Nice quick telly-watching knit :)

In case you've forgotten, here's what the fleece looked like a few weeks ago:

then to this:

 It still never fails to amaze me that we turn little piles of pretty fluff into garments :)   What's your favourite type of yarn to spin?

Perhaps one day I will live near some sheep and they will donate their wool to a jumpery cause.


  1. Well done you - it's gorgeous! x

  2. Very lovely! The purple is exceptionally pretty and the shawl shows it off very well. I'm still mastering singles-- still doing the ply thing to balance my yarn out-- so I'm impressed!!

    For fleece suggestions, I really love Merino or BFL. I've especially found the BFL to be very forgiving of drafting issues, etc.

  3. Amanda this is so beautiful! I recently inherited my Nan's knitting needles after not having knitted anything since being a kid. My goal is to have knitted myself a pair of wrist warmers by winter - wish I had your talent with wool! Just gorgeous!
    Rae x

  4. Beautiful shawlette!!! I made my very first shawlette with handspun :)

  5. That's a stunning colour and looks just amazing, I love how the colour changes through the shawl. I'm currently surrounded by a purple haze of merino, spinning it up to make a poncho for my daughter am loving it!


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