Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dyeing Spree & Too Much Fluff

As you've probably noticed from the many (many) previous posts, I've been experimenting with dyeing for months now, and have finally reached the stage where there is no way I'll ever use it in my lifetime.

I've been so restless today - probably something to do with the excitement of my hat in the Knit Now Magazine!!

I love the different effects you can achieve just by adding the same dye to different types of fibre.  The following fibre is an over-dyed humbug oatmeal BFL / Tussah Silk blend.  This was dyed in exactly the same way as the Alpaca / Tussah Silk blend after, but the effect is totally different!

The next example is the difference in uptake between wensleydale top & yak!  Ohmygoodness Yak is amazing.  Why does no-one use it more?!  It's amazing!!  So fluffehhh.   Yakyakyakyakyak  I looooooove it!!

The blue Merino/Bamboo 70/30 mix at the bottom of the page was dyed in several colours of blue, which didn't take to the bamboo and came out wonderfully crisp - like icebergs in the cold north sea!  There may have been some more info posted about it yesterday :p

And since I have far too many - there might be a few piles of fluff for sale on etsy :D

BFL & Tussah Silk

Alpaca & Tussah Silk




Merino & Bamboo


  1. OMG.. I really want your fluff!!!! Love how different the BFL/Tussah Silk is to the Alpaca/Tussah Silk, despite being the same process! Totally in love with the colour of the Wensleydale & the icy Merino/Bamboo blend too. I can see why so many find the dyeing addictive, and really can't wait to begin my own dyeing adventure hopefully this weekend!
    Oh, and one can NEVER have too much fluff.. can you?? ;-P


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