Monday, 9 September 2013

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

We were rather surprised to find out that our flat is included in the area which makes up two of the "top ten things to do in Glasgow" according to TripAdvisor.  Since we frequently wander the west end already, the botanic gardens was next on the list.

The textures, colours and shapes were magnificent.  I can only apologise, but most of my photos are of interesting shapes rather than actual plants :p

The gardens opened in 1817, founded by a glasgow botanist, moving to their current location in 1842.  

courtesy of the botanic gardens website

Popping to the tearoom for lunch with my mum & david, there couldn't really be a more pleasant place to sit.  Surrounded by the numerous plants and in the middle of a little sun-trap, the staff are wonderful and the food even better.  

courtesy of the botanic gardens website

Have you got pretty gardens near you?  (Or even one of your own?!)  Do send me pictures!


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  1. I love your pictures. Shapes are so interesting in my opinion. We have several botanical gardens within 2-3 hours to visit here unfortunately I take terrible pictures but I appreciate yours.

    1. they're just taken on the iphone! It makes me lazy with my proper camera though!


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