Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Usually, I keep my professional life very separate from this little blog. They're two very separate and different parts of my life, and I like them that way.

However, as work infringes more and more on my beloved crafting time, I thought I'd share a little with you :p

It's important to have a good work life balance; it's key to avoiding growing to hate your job. Hobbies and interests are so important, introducing new inspiration, new motivation, new people!

I never imagined I would do what I do. As a little girl I wanted to be an artist, or an architect. I performed well at school. The teachers were keen for me to aim high, rather than in the direction in which I had shown most interest. I suppose they refused to believe why I wouldn't choose medicine if I had the option. Perhaps at fifteen I wasn't quite eloquent enough to explain that there are many options. Indeed, the more the better - but they are exactly that - options to be picked from at will. Just because there's a rarer more expensive and mysterious lotus in a field, doesn't mean I don't prefer buttercups.

Don't get me wrong, I adore my job. It's challenging (both mentally & physically), busy, often highly unpleasant - it also allows you to attempt to become involved in a unique way in someone's life. No matter the outcome, what matters is that you acted well by the patient. I also get to chatter away for most of the day, which you'll never find me complaining about. Old people have the best stories.

After only six weeks at my new placement, I have been called more combinations of foul names than my little brain could've strung together on its own. I've been pissed on, bled on, flashed at and had walking sticks hurtled at me. I've also met some incredible people, both patients and staff, and shared these experiences with them. I've worked more night-shifts than days and been so tired I've fallen asleep for several hours fully clothed on the couch on more than one occasion. I've answered the door to the postman in my pants, only realising my mistake after I had shut the door. I've brought the guinea pig into the living room and forgotten to take him to his house before I fell asleep, awaking to 6 hours of piggy chaos. My workmates (both of them, simultaneously) have, only this morning, fallen asleep over the filing cabinet next to me.

And as I write this, I smile, and know I don't mind the rough bits of my days, as they're definitely outweighed by the good.


  1. thats awesome that you love your job despite all the problems that come along with it... thats definitely true dedication :-)

  2. I have the utmost respect for you, and what you have to deal with especially when all you're trying to do is help. Keep up the great work. No matter how hard it gets, there is someone somewhere that DOES appreciate you & what you do :-)

  3. When my time comes to role up at a hospital door, I just hope I get someone like you :))))

  4. In the low moments think wool!


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