Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ye Olde Christmas Swappe!

Sorry to mention the 'c' word so early but... would anyone like to get a little christmas swap on the go?!

The jumper in the photo above is by Susan Crawford (as is the photo!), and is one of my favourite christmas knits!  

You can find it on Ravelry here - it's quite aptly called 'The Perfect Christmas Jumper'!

Have you started your christmas knitting yet?  (I have not, and it already feels too late...)

Remember that post where I got rather carried away about soaps?  Wait until you see this little christmas gem!  Last year Lush brought out this christmas slice soap, and I'm really hoping it will come back this year!!

Too early to get too excited though, especially when the Glasgow School of Yarn event is just around the corner!!

The Bunny Pin Giveaway is still on the go - pop over here for details :)



  1. I keep meaning to start that christmas knitting..but then a new pattern comes up and its all Oooh shiny! and downhill from there

    1. I know, right?! Although I have such bad 'knit-all-the-things' issues - I only finish projects because I need to use the needles for something else...

    2. that is EXACTLY what I do. I swear if I had multiple sets of some of these needles, nothing would be done


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