Saturday, 9 November 2013

Cuppa & Cake with Elizabeth Prince

These gorgeous little bowls & plates caught my eye whilst browsing etsy and I've coveted them ever since!!  Aside from trying to plan who to give these little lovelies to, I've been having a little chat with Elizabeth Prince, who makes the pretty little pieces.

You can visit her etsy shop too :)

1. Birdie Bowls!! Havwe these little lovelies always been a staple of your designs?
I started to make these a little while before I opened my etsy shop. I find it interesting that even if I try to make them the same, the slightest change in placement of lace or a love-heart makes a difference to the overall feel, or personality that each one has. I made one the other day that looked evil, but I recycled him!

2. Where did you start? And what led to this becoming a beautiful etsy shop?
That's a tricky one. I had a degree in art and design, then worked with top modern design as an interior designer whilst making pottery in my spare time. Then one day, I had a rush of blood to the head and quit my job of eight years and went travelling in Brazil for a little while. Whilst I was away I decided that I would try to make a living from my ceramics when I got home, and I am very happy and privileged to say that it worked!

3. What can we find you doing when you're not making for your shop?
I love to cook, plot home renovations and colour schemes ( I am moving house at the moment! ) and go for walks in the fresh air, preferably with one of my awesome friends! I had to take some time out this year for serious health reasons, so my focus shifted from 24-7 thinking about my work, because it had to. I realised just how lucky I am to have such great people in my life - they really held me up when I was down, and so I like to cook for them, watch a film and relax with them or just be there for them.

4. Now that christmas is drawing near, what is your favourite thing to do of a cold winters eve?
I am pretty busy at this time of year with work, but I love learning new skills, so I often try to fit in an evening workshop at Ellie Magpie in Prestwich, where I have my studio. It's a sweet way to socialise and experiment with materials that are outside of my normal repertoire. We had fun with lino cuts the other day! My health issues this year kept me out of the studio for a while, so I learned to draw using cad software whilst I was stuck at home. The first of these designs are now appearing in my shop, laser cut from perspex, so when I have a few minutes I like to work on my drawings, experiment and plot new ideas for this new range.

pssss...  why not take a peek at Elizabeths christmas decorations:

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