Sunday, 19 January 2014

Amanda & The Three Arrows

Once there was a girl who liked to knit.  One sunny day, she stumbled across a pretty knitting pattern in the middle of the Ravelry forrest.

The pattern arrived, and sat on the table, and Amanda pondered over which yarn to use for the arrow shawl.

First, she tried a lovely handspun silk yarn, but it was just too thin!
Next, she tried some scrunchy worsted rowan yarn, but it was too thick!

Finally, she tried a yarn which was hand-dyed by a co-operative of women in Uruguay, called 'Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino', and it was just right :)

So she sat contentedly, with her new teacup from the lovely Karry during the TOK christmas swap, knitting her arrows.

First and second attempts:

And the wee arrow necklace!!!  It's so cute!  They're made by AGirlCalledBoz, who is nice :)

And finally, apparently my friends think I am organised.  I would like to argue that I am not, as evidenced by my workspace.  

Last night over dinner, we discovered the revelation that in each relationship, there is a 'putter' and a 'leaver':
  • The Putter (not me), will have 'placed my keys on the side', 'put the magazines into the rack' and 'put all the messages away on the appropriate shelves in the fridge/cupboard/kitchen'.  
  • On the other hand, there are the Leavers (me); 'Oh, I left it in the hall', 'I think they're in the living room' and 'They're on this desk somewhere'. 
Now, I am probably selling myself short.  I get lots done with my time.  However, I do concede that more could happen if I actually knew where things were.  Here is a list of things I have yet to locate after 'putting them somewhere safe':  spare keys, passport, driving license, good pen, £40, heart necklace, fox earrings, notes on mitten pattern, notes on hat pattern, book of notes, size 5mm needles.  These are but the ones I currently remember.  

Are you a 'Putter' or a 'Leaver'?  (And how many of you don't know where things are on a regular basis, just so I feel less disorganised :p)

And just to prove how organised I can be, there's a newsletter now :D


  1. A putter am I :-D x

  2. Putter husband is def the leaver in our relationship! As to the dog who knows!

  3. Not sure. If things have "homes" then they are put there, but if they don't they get left. Of course everyone else in my house are leavers so maybe it isn't me.

    1. Maybe it's a 'when you don't know who, it must be you' situation!

  4. I'm a bit of both. I'm the one who knows where stuff is, even though I put things in odd places.

    Love the shawl and thanks for the shout out :)


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