Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Spin Spin Spinning

The yarn has all been spun and the skeins have been a-drying!  But the failing poit in the chain was the spinner being too lazy to share the fluff with the world*
(*read 'world' as 'the small but valued audience of one crazy sheep girlies blog').

As you may have spotted, I spent a whole day last month playing with batts.

Woolfest was aaaages ago, but this is the lovely little pile of fluff I acquired there.  It was awfully dandruffy sheep, so I did end up chopping off the ends and ended up with less than I'd have liked, but hey-ho.  It's very halo-y, there may be a plan for a fuzzy-cowl blooming in my brain.

The next pile of fluff was obtained from the Glasgow School of Yarn.  I was oh-so well behaved, and did not spend a single penny except on this enticing pile of pink/purple/orange nomnomnom-ness.  Katie of Hilltopcloud never disappoints, and this silk was a dream to spin.  

Last but not least, this is the experimental product of a noily batt I carded on my batty day of carding.  It's very think and thin, has wonderfully smooshy lumps and bumps of silk and massam, and will make the most incredible (or hideous?  we shall soon see) hat.  


  1. Thats the fun with that smooshy yarn, even the ugliest yarn can turn out to be the loveliest hat.


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