Monday, 3 February 2014

Photo-time & Afternoon Tea

Perhaps it was an excuse for some gratuitous posing, but today we took our knits to the botanic gardens and got a little carried away!  Sunshine was out, and it was a great brisk winter day.  Y'know the good kind - nippy noses, pink cheeks and frozen toes, but no wet socks.  Lunch at the botanics tearoom was *yummy*, and I juuust managed to squeeze in a scone...  butter, jam and cream...

Unfortunately, none of the statues were available for photographing, so I manned up.

Some updated photos for Dandelion and Bru!  There are a few other wee pictures, but they shall need to remain hidden for the time being! :p  Want to be the first to find out what they'll be?  Sign up for the newsletter here :D

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