Sunday, 9 March 2014

Finishing Arrows

Having never knit a large lacy shawl before, I was unsure what to expect, but this shawl was brilliant fun, and the fletching edge really did make it for me.

I was a slow starter, unable to decide which yarn to use, but eventually settled on Manos Del Uraguay.  It's soft, fluffy, beautifully dyed and generally amazing.

Lovely yarn, lovely pattern, made me happy the whole time I was knitting.  And it was such fun to knit it along with so many other people (and sneak peeks at their shawls).


And the little arrow necklace?  It's from A Girl Called Boz :)

Ooooh also, I've just discovered The Sewing Bee!  Yes, yes, I know I'm a series and a half late to the game.  It's a  great show on BBC which sets sewing challenges for the people taking part, and is really helpful to watch for techniques.

I'm planning on making a pretty dress next, and am just gearing up the courage to but the fabric!!  Is it ok for a 24 year old to wear a fox and forrest print dress?

I think so.

Remember for updates, pattern release notes and special treats, there's a newsletter now :D


  1. The arrows shawl is just fab! Love the colour too.

  2. P.s nothing wrong with some cool funky fabric I'm 10 years older and would wear it! I say wear whatever..... I do although it's taken a while to get my head around it. Can't wait to see the blog about how you get on with the sewing,


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