Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Week in Photos: Afternoon Tea & Taunted by Cats

I'm sure you all have them, the days when your chat just isn't up to much.  It doesn't mean you don't want to talk, or listen, but people will groan at the calibre of your off-day puns.

For those days, we just need some photos.

This week the post-man brought me my new phone (which is pretty, and green, and wondrous).  I quickly realised how much better the wee camera on it is compared to my much loved, but also very much smashed and camera-lens-fallen-off, iphone 4.

Also, whilst uploading these and commenting on them, I do realise I appear to be lost and/or daydreaming a large part of my day.  I promise it's not a true reflection of my day to day functioning.  I hope.

And as a second realisation, I realised that it was quite a nice week, really. :)

The amazing afternoon tea my mumface bought me; complete with convincing the waiter to bring me only the ham & mustard sandwiches - because I am fussy, and mum is my mum. 

The tree which sported two kinds of flowers on the same branch, bamboozling my quotient of twitter followers and leading us to seek assistance from @thebotanics, to no immediate avail...

For the time I was locked out, but the cat next door was cruel and showed me how easily he could infiltrate the building.

The mild two-day obsession with dyeing gradients into everything I could lay my marigold-clad fingers on.  The realisation that I should iron my tablecloth if I plan to take photos on it.

The soup I ate for lunch, followed by the really healthy strawberry salad I ate for dinner, which left me eating chocolate to get over the hunger and shock.

My new favourite plate in the world, which I bought at 3pm on Saturday and promptly took straight home to eat toast and hoops on.  Closely followed by my new favourite milk jug in the world, which I refrained from purchasing (for now). 

The crazy sculptures present at the orchid show, and the even crazier price tags.

The incredible parrot pattern on my shiny new summer dress, which I bought for myself because I was having a bad day and ended up wandering around House of Fraser in search of something pretty.

The knitting, which can't be omitted from the week.  This time with yummy OldMaidenAunt yarn.  And the squirrel, who became very interested in it. 

The amusing tiny chocolate umbrella, which I found at the little coffee van in the botanics, and couldn't pass up.  And the glasses of wine, which might've prompted the purchase.

My impulsive new fringe, which was cut in during a very surreal after-hours trip to the local hairdresser, who let me in despite being after closing time, because "you reeeeally need a haircut".

What've you been doing this week?

:) x

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