Sunday, 25 May 2014

Intention to Knit

This past few weeks, there have been some incredibly pretty cardigans appearing on Ravelry.   One of my favourites is the 'Snow in May' cardigan by Suvi Simola.

Knit in sportweight on 4.5mm needles, it's a simply constructed garment, styled to great effect.  I'll definitely be knitting it next time I start a project for myself!  

Suvi also designed one of my current favourite sweaters, the 5200K, which I've blogged about in the past.

This week I've also been spinning quite a bit, so I've just finished plying this lovely fluff - and started on the second :D  I shall need to take photos of the finished stuff.  

These braids are from Hilltop Cloud.  Her stock is amazing, and I have difficulty buying anywhere else (except from the lovely Fondant Fibre).  Do you have a 'go-to' fluff store I should try?  Do let me know, I need to try all the wool!

This is something I've been thinking about a lot lately - experimenting more with different types of fibre, different methods of spinning and dyeing.  There's a great site called World of Wool, which has fleece from over 30 different breeds of sheep!!

And, of course, to spin so much fleece, I might have to upgrade my wheel...


  1. What kind of wheel do you have and what kind are you after? Just wondering :-) I don't have any to sell but they come up second hand fairly often at guild meetings so you should be able to pick something up :-)

    World of Wool is my favourite supplier for the silk I love to dye and spin and sell :-)

    I don't currently have a favourite pretty fluff supplier but I've bought some gorgeous stuff from Zoe (who used to be Fibre Forager but is now Queen of Purls - with a recently opened shop in Glasgow so I'm told :-))

    1. I have a little unnamed wheel! Bought it from a lovely lady near Edinburgh. I've no idea what speed the ratios are etc. If I give it a good oiling it does do me quite well, but she's a noisy wee thing. I'm looking for a castle style one (twisting bothers my back!) with a double treadle.

      I hear she does!! Might be popping for a visit in a couple of weeks

  2. Unless you have already tried this you could post photos of your wheel and someone may be able to identify it. I originally had a single treadle Ashford Traditional but after buying a double treadle Ashford Traveler I converted it to double treadle but ended up selling the traditional as I found I much prefer the castle type. I still have my traveler by also have an Ashford e-spinner too :-) It's fab and I think I'll be using it later today :-)

    I intend a visit to Q of P too but hope you do a post about it because it may be a few weeks before I get there.


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