Thursday, 29 May 2014

Why is a Pigeon like a Writing Desk?

It's a pretty little writing desk!

Even arriving slightly battered and covered in stickers, it's very, very nice :)  Having lived it's time in the bedroom of my other half through his childhood, I think it had a difficult life. 

Despite spending the greater part of three hours gently scraping stickers from it's surface, and around the same sanding it, I'm still no closer to deciding what to do with it.

Keep it lovely brown?  Or delve into the world of duck egg blue and decopage...

Very tempted to paint it white with lemon accents, with a tiny teacup handpainted to fine black vines.  As inspired by my favourite teacup of all time.

From Whittards Coffee shop

Since all the photos last week seem to have gone down quite well, I thought I'd send you this week in photos too :)  

The train journeys have been used to listen to Harry Potter and knit hexipuffs from leftovers!  And the walks home through the botanics, though bereft of trees whose genetics will apparently forever puzzle me, was filled with pigeons.  When cleaning out ones bag, do be kind and feed the crumbs to local wildlife.  Sadly, my bag had rather enough crumbs to be getting this lot fed quite happily.  Oatcakes are a menace.  

The obsessive gradient dyeing spree continued, with a cashmere blend and featuring orange, purple and green.  

And the healthy eating?  The strawberry salad for dinner?  It turned into strawberry cake.  That didn't last long.  

I'm *still* trying to convince myself to knit socks.  What's your favourite sock pattern?  

One day, I'll iron my tablecloth. 


  1. Replies
    1. Found them!! Looking like they might make their way onto my list!

  2. Eyelet Rib Socks by Allison Sarnoff (Dyenamic Yarns), freebie download from Ravelry. Hooked me with the short row heel pattern.

    1. short row heel does sound goood... I'll have to look into that one!


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