Saturday, 31 May 2014

Spinning Pre-Tour & Star Wars Marathon

Maybe it's because I figured out how to run my wheel without it squeaking quite so much; maybe it's because I've been getting excited about the Tour De Fleece, but there's been quite a lot of spinning going on!

Firstly though, after several recent conversations and a twitter encounter, Star Wars arrived in my flat.  Being reliably informed episodes 1-3 are not worth watching, I plan to start my marathon of knitting and sci-fi with Episode IV this evening!  It'll involve fizzy pink and some microwavey popcorn.  All good things.   I'll let you know how it turns out.  I'm scared I won't like the star wars.

It has already been quite a film filled day - Edge Of Tomorrow is currently in the cinema and it is gooooooood!!  Not usually a fan of the Cruise man, I was under duress by the boy, but it was definitely worth it.  Now, watching Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt on the Graham Norton show - it ties in so nicely, and they both seem lovely.

Pink alpaca, brown massam & white bamboo, from my epic carding session (and the subsequent spinning session).

BFL / silk from Hilltop Cloud

Merino from Malabrigo

I've no idea what I'll be making this lovely lot into, maybe they'll just be sitting in my smooshing stash for a while... 


  1. as the wife of a fanboy and a geek in my own right, I will say the trilogy is worth a watch once. If nothing else to show the decent..I'm trying not to spoil anything lol

    1. Ok, once I'm done with these three I shall definitely look into the next ones!

  2. I want to hit the like button for each of your spun yarns so pretty and sounds like a good thing to have in the smoosh stash


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