Saturday, 7 June 2014

Watch out! Dinosaurs About! & Knitting & Dumplings

Standing 8 metres tall, arms outstretched and teeth bared, the moulded plastic dinosaurs at the crazy golf course were quite impressive.   On a whim, we decided to drive to mini-golf for no better reason than I had passed it the week before in the car and spent the next hour squeaking about giant crazy golf.

Losing spectacularly to the boy, I ended up 40 points over par (which was 42).  This was not helped by my 9 attempts at the hole on the volcano challenge.

After this, I felt the time was right for some driving practice.  I don't drive.  I don't like it, and I'm not fond of learning it.  You can't knit in the drivers seat.  Now, considering I haven't sat in the drivers seat for 5 years, I feel my short tour of the car park and my three point turn went remarkably well.  What did not go well, was following the directions the boy gave me, which resulted in me very almost driving the wrong way onto a dual carriageway.

At this stage, I would like to point out that my original sign following was correct, and the boys directions led my little car astray.

Regardless, we ended up facing a rather perturbed van driver on a side road.  Luckily, it was a little side road which only led to the mini-golf.

Following this fiasco, I was even more determined that driving was not for me.  Boy drove home, and I carried out a very neat parallel park outside the house.  If they'll just let me stick to small roads and parking during my test, we'll be fine. 

That'll do me for a while.  Here is an arty photo of a road, which I photographed, but did not drive.

Knitting wise, I finished a very cool project, which will be released on the 20-odth of June.  Eyes peeled.  Anticipation mounting-machine at the ready.  Drumrolls.

In other news, I am a pig.  I have eaten an incredible amount of sweets & take-aways this month, and I am not ashamed.  That is, in fact, a lie; I'm slightly ashamed.  There's a great ice cream shop on Byres road called Crollas, which has some yummy ice cream flavours, including 'Scottish Tablet' and 'Jaffa Cake'.  Yum.  And double nougat too!!  How many of you used to race to the ice cream van for these when you were little??

My gran used to pick us up from school.  In summer, when the tinkling van parked nearby, she'd always send us out for one of these.  They're a summer food, and a childhood memory.  They're all that is right with ice cream, and probably taste better to me than they otherwise would because of it.

Yep, that there is another ice cream.  It's floating, dinchaknow.  

Originally, I had planned to let you know how yummy this pint was, but instead I shall quote a friend, Grace (who has an amazing knitting blog here).  I have no idea how that girl gets so much knitting done.  Colour me impressed.

"It comes in pints?!  I'm getting one!"

Touché, m'dear.  Touché.  Why won't the little e look like the rest. It is stubborn. 

Last but not least... the dumplings.  Oh my goodness the dumplings.  And that stupid coffee with the tapioca balls in.  Who wants jelly balls flying up straws when you're busy trying to enjoy a nice sip of coffee?!  Who invented that??

Regardless, there was a very nice afternoon spend with two very nice friends with some very nice food.  All in all, very nice. 

Aaaaand last but not least, there are some new stitch markers in the etsy shop :)  It's a wee bit smaller than before, but I do still have all the markers hidden away, so let me know if you have something in mind and I shall dig it out for you.  

What have you been knitting lately?  Or are you gearing up for Tour-De-Fleece?  


  1. working on several things, but inspired by none. lately it's just been a plug along while netflixing thing.


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