Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Gearing up for Tour De Fleece

Running in tandem with the Tour De France, the Tour De Fleece is a great excuse to challenge yourself (or just to spin more).  

These gorgeous punis arrived from Deb at Fondant Fibre this morning.  Punis are a woolen preparation of fleece, similar to the rolag but originating in India (or so I'm led to believe).  Fibre is blended together on hand carders, then rolled off onto a thin stick to ensure the fleece stays nice and organised - making for some very smooth spinning!

Kicking off on Saturday the 5th of July to tie in with the beginning of the cycle race, there's a 'Getting Started' guide in the TDF group on Ravelry here.  

The main aims are:

  • To spin!  Every day the tour rides.  That's the 5th of July through27th of July.  There are rest days just like the race itself, these are on 15th and 21st.  
  • On challenge days in the race, challenge yourself!  This year it's July 19th.  Why not try to spin more than you've ever spun before?  Chunkier, thinner, new type of spinning material, core spinning?
  • On Sunday 27th of July, wear yellow to join in with the winners :D  

There are lots of teams you can join, both official and unofficial.  There's a FondantFibre Team here on Ravelry.  

More photos of that lovely fluff from fondant fibre.  You can find the shop here, and our chat about how Fondant Fibre began here.  

Oh, and here's an arbitrary photo of the cat who mocks me.  He is currently guarding my fridge.  From me.  Look at him standing there all authoritarian.  

Will you be taking part in the tour de fleece?  What are you spinning?  Is there any fleece you recommend I try out?

Also, I'll be starting a new section on Yarn/Fleece reviews soon - so if you'd like to review a yarn or fleece, or you create yarn or fleece you'd like reviewed, get in touch via email.


  1. On a slightly different note my friend has just got her first spinning wheel. I would love to buy her some fluffy stuff. Can you recommend any for a beginner? I think I will just stick to knitting with yummy yarn instead and let someone else do the hard work!

    1. Nothing wrong with yummy yarn!

      On fluff for a beginner, though, I know that a LOT of the lovely dyed tops out there are merino, but it's actually a relatively slippery fleece. The same goes for alpaca mixes and silk blends. Your best bet is maybe a shetland or falkland, or even BFL, which are common and affordable - though I'm sure other spinners have other preferences!

      Mixed baggies are always good for practicing and trying new types of fibre - I know Deb does a 'Puni sample selection' and 'Random Rolags' - maybe enquire into a little parcel which is easy for beginners :)

    2. Thank you for that I will pass on your advice! Enjoy your hols


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