Sunday, 15 June 2014

Shawls, Cinnamon Tea & Andean Plying

No doubt you often have the same spinning problem as I do - too much single left on that bobbin.  What do you do with it?  Practice your chain ply?  use it as stuffing?  ply all the little scrappy bits together like a giant patchwork yarn?

Or, just saying, you could keep happily two plying your yarn together without breaking bits off, rolling half of it (and we both know it isn't half) onto another bobbin.

I've been using the andean bracelet method for a wee while now, and it's really helpful when dealing with the end of bobbin singles.  Thought it was time to share this great technique.

Now, this is so much easier in video form than words, which is why I've uploaded the video.  However, if you reeeeally want words, they're under the video.

Once you're done 2-plying, and are left with that one bobbin of singles, that's when you start the andean plying.  

Tuck the end of your single into a bracelet or hairband around your wrist.  Hold your bracelet hand up, palm facing you.   
Using your other hand, wrap your single around your middle finger, left to right.  
Then down, round the right side of your hand, round the back of your hand, to the front again up past the left side of your palm (under the thumb), and around the middle finger again, this time right to left.  
Take the single back down the left side of the palm, across the back of the hand, up the right side of the palm and around the middle finger, left to right - continue like this.  

Told you it was easier in video... 

Also, isn't this the cutest little fox pin?  I found it at a garden party on Wilton Street on Saturday.  A lovely lady from Rose Madder was showing a lovely display.  

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