Friday, 20 June 2014

So much yarn, so little time!

Everything is so big.  And we, well, we are so very little.  Sitting on the train in the morning the countryside passes by, as easily as countries could, as lifetimes could.  

It's not a morbid thought, though I can see why some would feel so.  It's awe inspiring, motivating & endlessly emotive.  I feel a mixture of deep doubt and anticipation of unknown joys when I think about how much we don't know, and how much we will never know.  How much has life changed this past decade, this past century?  Much too much, if our elders are to be believed.  

We are but a tiny part of this whole, there are so many possibilities; paths for us to find and follow.  No, we'll never finish what we wish to achieve, which makes me a little sad.  However the idea that no two lives will ever be close to being the same, yet the existence of coincidences which persist despite this myriad of divergence.  Your choices will shape who you are, who you will be and how those in contact with you are affected.

Smile!  You've no idea (maybe you do) how much influence a mere smile can have.  The domino effect of a small ray of joy!  In the same way, your enthusiasm (which I know you have) for things you love, the hobbies, people & topics you are educated in, is contagious.  It percolates to the quiet places of the mind, which lie in quiet contemplation despite the bustle of the day, and it takes root.

This isn't entirely out of the blue, I've had a contemplative week, I've been busy!
There have been galas and pub trips, spinning session and lunches.  There were friends from close at hand & some from further afield.  

& I just wanted to share my thinking, and my smiling, and hope you smile too.  (& the people you smile at, and that little root, and all that other gush I just ranted about).

There has been chess, and a little bit of over-spending on yarn and fleece.  This yarn is Shi Bui, and it is gorgeous.  The fluff is from easyknits, and it'll be part of my tour spinning.

As you can see from the first picture, the day you all probably saw coming has arrived, and I'll be selling my hand-dyed yarn in my etsy shop.  Discount code SUNSHINE for 10% off yarn & stitch markers this week.  

There was a lovely garden fair due to the Glasgow West End Festival, and I might have picked up this shiny little fox pin.

During wanders, I did wonder what 'Doughut Repair' was.  I'm really quite perturbed I didn't venture in to find out what this was, so I shall have to return.

My mum recently went on holiday to Turkey, and brought me back these adorable teacups.  (That's the Shi Bui again, isn't it nice?)

I don't usually buy games on my mobile phone, but this week I treated myself to a couple of new ones.  The first is 'Two Dots', which involves joining dots, but is very pretty.  The second is an amazingly beautiful game based on the Penrose stairs, or the never ending staircase - Monument Valley.   

After a lot of help from my amazingly helpful twitter followers, I fixed my sewing machine & made this incredibly cute top.  

There were picnics with my mum.

Picnics with friends.  In matching handknitted jumpers, no less.  I've blogged about this sweater here before, and recently noticed Suvi Simolas lovely new release as well.  

& Picnics with yarn.

There was also some confusing of cats.  

I'm off on holiday tomorrow!  To Kos, a lovely crystal clear beach filled island in Greece. 
Can't wait :D

What've you been thinking about?  Any holidays planned?  How is your pre-tour fibre stash mounting up?

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